How To Preview Your UX/Website MockUp Without Photoshop

How To Preview Your UX/Website MockUp Without Photoshop

You have spent hours, days or even months on a UX/UI project and have finally produced your mockups or been clickable prototype(s). So hurray, it is time to move on yeah? No! Somehow, visualization of design has become a very very important part of design or even development simply because humans are very visual. Same reason why Netflix has more visitors than book reading apps. People, including the designer wants to see what the work will actually look like on different devices. SO it is not just enough to create flat square or rectangular mockups baby! Show us how it will look on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone by actually showing us.

Now there are many websites where you can download Photoshop or Illustrator mockup templates, some of which range from 10MB to 1GB in size. Then you have to open the file if you have the software and then find your way around the software (if you do not already know how to use them). SO visualization may take more hours of your precious life. Well not anymore.

Here are two websites that you can use to create device mockups of your app or website design or even a website or app that has been put in production. I came across them today while searching for that solution because I just believed that it must be out there. So after searching around Google for a while and being taken to the usual PSD-filled websites like Freepik, I found these two websites that will help you showcase your website or app according to how they will appear on various devices.

  1. Techsini
  2. WebsiteMockUpGen

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